CFM/FMP Boot Camp

            Jan-March 2020 (exact starting TBD)

"What Are My Next Steps Toward Achieving CFM/FMP?"


Not sure? Use the CAREER COMPASS to decide which FM credential, qualification or other professional development opportunity is right for your unique career path.


Once you've chosen the designation that's right for you, now it's time for the commitment. First and foremost, this is an economic commitment. Your IFMA membership is your first investment. Other investments are the CFM or FMP learning materials and in the case of the CFM, eligibility application and test taking investments. Just like IFMA, your company or others have invested in you and you will need to be aware of what you will have to invest to get, keep and maintain your credentials.


The next commitment is time and effort. Both the FMP and CFM require review of the learning materials prior to testing. Your local chapter has resources available to help you prepare for the testing.


To help you achieve the CFM credential, we offer a free 12-week "CFM Boot Camp" where members meet once per week, either in person or via GoTo Meeting, and where a member who has achieved their CFM moderates the session to go over each competency. In these sessions, students will receive advice, tips and feedback from the moderator using their experience with the test. At the end of the 12 weeks, a CFM exam prep class taught by an IFMA-certified CFM instructor (fee required) helps tie everything together to give you the best chance at success. Then it's time to schedule and take the test!


We have just reviewed a lot of information and we've only just begun. Now ask yourself, "Am I getting this credential in 2020?", "Am I committed to achieving this goal?" If the answer is yes, we are here for you! The CFM Boot Camp is the start of your final phase of achieving the CFM designation! Now is the time to purchase the IFMA Learning System for your designation in preparation for the start of the study/boot camp sessions sometime in January (more info to come). LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!


Are you interested? Click below and ask how you can be reimbursed for the cost of the exam ($550.00)!





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