Essentials of FM/Core Compentencies

     Learn to speak the FM language with Essentials of Facility Management

Learn the language of FM through the Essentials of Facility Management, a workshop series to help those who are new to the field of FM, such as a new hire or to standardize the language across teams. This is also excellent for vendors to learn and talk the FM language. 

These workshops focus on basic concepts that describe the field of FM and how it can be of value to an organization. The primary goal of these workshops is to address the participant’s role in the tactical planning for how to schedule and accomplish daily FM tasks that support the operations of an organization’s facilities.

Delivery of the workshops can either be in the classroom or through IFMA’s Online Education Center.

 Essentials of Facility Management

Workshop 1: Introduction to Facility Management

                Module 1: Introduction to Facility Management

Workshop 2: Operations and Maintenance

                Module 1: The Basics of Operations and Maintenance

                Module 2: The Basics of Building Systems

                Module 3: The Application of Technology in Operations and Maintenance

                Module 4: The Implications of Health and Safety in Managing Buildings

Workshop 3: Work Management in Facilities

                Module 1: Supervisory Roles in Facility Work Management

                Module 2: Applying Work Management to Building Systems

                Module 3: Work Management Tools in Facility Management

                Module 4: Managing Contractors in Facility Management

                Module 5: Managing and Tracking Customer Relations in FM

  Successful completion of each module will grant an electronic letter of completion(online). In the classroom, an electronic letter of completion is available upon completion of all three workshops.

It is important to understand this workshop series does not award a designation like IFMA’s Credential Programs.

 A sample of the workshop can be found here. For more information, contact John Wagnon.

 11 Core Competencies of Certified Facility Manager
  • Communication: Communication plans and processes for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity: Emergency and risk management plans and procedures
  • Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability: Sustainable management of built and natural environments  
  • Finances & Business: Strategic plans, budgets, financials analyzes, procurement
  • Human Factors: Healthful and safe environment, security, FM employee development  
  • Leadership and Strategy: Strategic planning, organize, staff and lead organization  
  • Operations and Maintenance: Building operations and maintenance, occupant services  
  • Project Management: Oversight and management of all projects and related contracts
  • Quality: Best practices, process improvements, audits and measurements
  • Real Estate and Property Management:  Real estate planning, acquisition and disposition
  • Technology: Facility management technology, workplace management systems                                                           



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