Educational Scholarships

Attention Facility Management Professionals

Want to earn a credential or attend an IFMA conference but having financial challenges?
Your chapter can help!

To promote professional growth through education, networking, and certification, subsidies may be available to professional and associate members of the Orlando Chapter who would not otherwise be able to participate in IFMA conferences, courses. The judgment of the Chapter Board of Directors and the financial solvency of the Chapter will determine if and how many subsidies will be awarded.   Application fees for certification are not covered under this scholarship program.  Funding will not be approved for coursework or conferences taken prior to the review and approval of the application.

The Greater Orlando Chapter of IFMA may grant applicants a subsidy amount of up to the full cost of registration of any IFMA course or conference listed below. However, based upon the judgment of the Chapter Board of Directors may (or may not) grant subsidies for airfare and hotel accommodations prior to the early registration cut-off date.
Candidates must meet the following minimum conditions:  
  1. Applicant is currently employed or currently in the facility management related job market. 

  2. Applicant has been an active member of the IFMA Greater Orlando Chapter for at least one year; participates regularly in Chapter functions and overall supports IFMA in the last past twelve months.

  3. Applicant is not eligible for student scholarships offered by IFMA National. 

  4. Applicant has not attended any other FM-related conferences in the past 24 months on a scholarship, bursary or subsidy from IFMA National.  If so, advise amount. 

  5. Applicant must provide an explanation as to why financial assistance is needed. 


To demonstrate active membership and overall support the applicant should be successfully involved in any of the following suggested activities in the previous twelve months:
  1. Applicant may have performed a minimum of 8 hours of volunteer services in one of the  IFMA /GOC Community Service activities: For example GOC’s Rebuilding Together Orlando Program

  2. Applicant may have registered and attended GOC monthly chapter educational luncheon programs as  within 12 month period.

  3. Applicant may have served on or provided support services to a GOC standing or ad hoc committee within the past 12 months.

  4. Applicant may have developed and presented a session on  one/two or more of the eleven (13) IFMA competencies 

  5. Applicant may have developed and submitted FM newsletters or articles related to FM activities in the Central Florida area within the past 12 months.

  6. Applicant may have demonstrated active participation by attending/hosting/presenting at study group sessions in pursuit of an IFMA (CFM/FMP/SFP) credential.

  7. Applicant may be enrolled in a facility management degree program at an accredited institution.

Compliance and Adherence Policies for Scholarship Awardees
The Scholarship Awardee must successfully perform the following activities:
  1. Must submit the credential documents to verify successful completion of the course if applicable

  2. Provide blog facts/information/post event summary to the board of directors  after a supported event or participation.

  3. Post/submit FM newsletters or articles related to FM activities in the Central Florida area within a 12 month period.

  4. Demonstrate performance in IFMA sponsored community programs or interventions that can help the chapter grow its membership.

If you have any questions, please contact our Chapter Administrator
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Education Scholarship