June Educational Event & Tour
June 27, 2024
 Presenter:  David Dunn, CFM

BONUS:   Tour of the NEW Robotics and Optics programs

Lunch sponsor:  

* Gain a better understanding of how your fleet is operating with insights that you can use to coach team members into safer working habits.
* Monitor your equipment, vehicles, and driver behavior with comprehensive insights.
* Track speeding above the road limit, harsh cornering, hard braking, rapid acceleration, distracted driving, and more.
* View and download safety reports that summarize a vehicle’s number of trips, distance, drive time, safety and speeding events.
* Provide guidance and incentives to your drivers with comprehensive reporting on their behavior behind the wheel.
* Build and report on thorough safety scores for each of your drivers.
* Highlight at-risk drivers and areas of the fleet.
* Report on a driver's score over any period of time.
* Potentially reduce vehicle downtime due to collision damage and unnecessary wear and tear.
* Potentially reduce insurance costs.
Summary of presentation:
Pulling from 15 yrs of successful deployment of various systems and technologies, the pros and cons of each will be provided as well as suggestions for the crucial mentoring/coaching methodologies will be covered as well.
The real basis of a successful program depends upon selecting the most cost-effective technology, training leadership in its use and employee buy-in.
Technology is a large part of the distracted driving problem with too many drivers using mobile devices. The speaker will provide an overview of how technology like mobile device blocker apps, automated enforcement, crash avoidance features and driver attention monitors may be part of the solution. This will include a look at the future of automated vehicles such as the likelihood of true driverless vehicles, common consumer misconceptions about automation, the role of government regulations, and the challenges that face the future of autonomous vehicles. In addition, the speaker will discuss a practical path to regaining public trust in the use of camera technology enforcement to address distracted driving and improve road safety. Examples of Orlando city fleet telematics used to address driver safety and has seen a successful impact on crash reductions and company liability will be covered.
Valencia College- Osceola Campus
Host- Shaun Andrews, COO (IFMA Orlando member)
1800 Denn John Lane
Kissimmee, FL  
Building 1-123

Check in 11:30am
Lunch and program 12 - 1