MAY- In Person event-Building Tech

May Educational Event

Building Technology Has Advanced – It’s Time We Catch Up…   
  • Learn how to leverage existing facility technology to deliver increased value to their organization 
  • Explore ways to justify investment in the latest technology 
  • Leave with steps for successfully selecting and implementing new technology

The facility management industry has matured considerably the past few decades; the most significant being the advance of the built environment. However, as much as there is to celebrate, the harsh reality is that while all of this technology sits at our doorstep, facility organizations have yet to truly embrace or leverage it. The FM struggles that have existed for decades, encumber us still today; it is as though we are stuck in a time warp, while technology has blazed light years ahead. It is incumbent upon us to grab hold of these tools and wield them to deliver value to our organizations, mature our respective facility programs, and grow the profession. In this educational session, we will highlight some of these technological advances and discuss how they could be put to work for the betterment of our facility management programs.

                                                                                        Guest Presenter: John Rimer, CFM


This session meets CFM maintenance points requirements



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